Former Spot Removal Generation KREBS

Since 50 years KREA Swiss – up until 2015 known under the distinct brand name KREBS Switzerland - is present on the global market for effective stain removal in textile finishing and garment production.

KREA Swiss (Ex-KREBS Switzerland) has early faced the challenge of innovative spot removal systems and respectively found innovative solutions via permanent product development initiatives. In 1961 the KREBS paint spraying technology was developed into a highly effective spot removal gun for the textile industry. With increasing pressure upon the textile industry to reduce environmentally damaging CFC usage, since 1989 the company started to introduce various spot removal systems which featured mild, more environment friendly solvent and high tenside warm soap solutions. Today KREA Swiss offers handy spot cleaning spray guns and larger spotting systems with integrated drying in combination with dedicated solvent liquids. For the development of these systems KREA Swiss works in close collaboration with the textile manufacturers, chemical industry as well as the re-known Hohenstein Research Institute.

Although we do not produce the old generation products anymore like the spotting guns TEX9 or the famous spotting systems K500, K750, K1000 and DUO we still provide our assistance and service for those professional products. See below our marketing material such as brochures, videos or manuals of the “old” generation KREBS Switzerland. For any question, contact us here.


Brochures:   KREBS DUO  // KREBS 500 // KREBS 750 // KREBS 1000

Manuals: KREBS 500 // KREBS 750 // KREBS DUO

Videos: KREBS 500 // KREBS 750 // KREBS 1000 // KREBS Sport Removal System for Clothing & Textile Stores


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